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Our Teachers

Our “Teachers Extraordinaire” are highly trained in the La Petite Baleen method of teaching swimming. Our newest teachers attend several intensive clinics as well as 40 hours of “team teaching” with a senior mentor teacher. All teachers attend our regular in-house staff meetings, study sessions and in-pool clinics, further refining our goal to be the premier, cutting edge swim school in the nation. 

In partnership with other United States Swim School Association (USSSA), the World Aquatic Baby Congress (WABC) and the Swim For Life Foundation, we conduct and attend seminars, conferences, teach-ins and workshops to better understand the growing child from infancy to teen.

Love Kids, Like to Swim?

La Petite Baleen is always looking for excellent teachers.  Come join our “Happy Staffers” at La Petite Baleen.

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