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Change is Good

The bond between student and a beloved teacher is one of the most powerful relationships in existence. Our goal is to provide consistent teachers for our students because we understand that learning in an aquatic environment requires a great deal of trust which is often formed over time.

However, as parents, we all know and understand that things can happen to upset the apple cart. Your schedule might change. Your college-aged teacher’s schedule might change. In some cases, your child’s class may no longer be suitable for them - for example, if they’re progressing faster than their peers. Changes come along that result in your child having a new teacher in the pool, and that can be hard for some kids (and, let’s be honest, some of us parents too) to adjust to at first.

Enter the new teacher. Whether a substitute, a new teacher taking over a shift, or a change in your schedule that puts your child in a new class, sometimes a different approach can be exactly what a student needs. 

While every teacher at LPB teaches the same developmental curriculum, each teacher brings their own unique style of teaching to the pool. For example, LPB is famous for teaching “Up-Faces”. While all of our teachers use similar layers and equipment, each teacher may provide a slight variation of verbal or emotional feedback or energy. What works for some students may not be as effective with others based on personality and learning styles. It could be a simple change of wording, or innovative use of equipment that “clicks” in the student's brain.

A common question our Swimformation and Booking pod members hear is, “How experienced is that teacher?” It’s natural to think that a long-tenured teacher is the best possible choice for our students. But more often than not, it’s the personality fit that matters most. Does your student thrive with playful, creative leadership, or do they need someone who is more focused and performance-driven?

No matter which teacher you wind up with, communicating with them couldn’t be simpler. Since our classes run back-to-back, having a poolside chat usually isn’t possible. Instead, fill out a Parent-Teacher Communication Form and that will get sent directly to your LPB location and the teacher will get back to you, usually before your next class. Immediate concerns can go to one of our Directors on Duty - any uniformed member of our pod can point you in the right direction. You can also ask a Director on Duty or a member of our Deck Support team for a progress report on your student. And finally, if you’re looking for ways to supplement your pool time with some homework, be sure to check out our videos here: