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Compassion in Swimming Lessons

At La Petite Baleen, our teachers stay focused on our curriculum mantra: Pace, Pattern, Compassion and Fun. This month, in the spirit of love and Valentine’s day, we’re going to focus on Compassion with a post by LPB co-Founder, Irene Madrid:

LPB curriculum continues to keep up with new information on children, learning and the brain. We know that when the brain feels safe it seeks novelty, innovation and creativity…...thus best learning practices.

So, what makes children feel safe, thus creating COMPASSION and growth?

For parents, being on time for class and being consistent in attending class, gives children a sense of safety for learning. If a child is rushed into the aquatic classroom, or comes to class after much time off, or erratic attendance, they intuitively know they are behind the other students. This creates a fear of not being successful.

For teachers, as well, your attendance also makes children feel safe and allows them to learn at a better pace. The children grow to trust and develop a relationship with the teacher and we need to honor that commitment!

Another way for teachers to have that compassion in their classes, is watching children’s facial expressions and body language, and adjusting for 

the feedback both provide. Sometimes, believing in a child and challenging them just a bit more can be compassionate.

Keeping up with new information through LPB and using it, asking questions and coming to workshops, are all ways teachers hone skills and make for a wonderful and compassionate lesson.

Taking good care of one's health is very important as well. Do we leave time for healthy lifestyles so that by taking care of ourselves, we can take care of others. We can be our best selves, our compassionate selves when we stay healthy.

Connecting with others in a positive way is part of any health plan. Learning to communicate, be positive and constructive all add up to self and other compassion.

Our hearts and minds respond to all of this. If you get that small thrill when your student or your child “gets it,” the endorphins  surge through your body, increasing both yours and the child's well being. Teaching, like parenting, can be a strong, heart-healthy dose of compassion.

To all compassionate hearts for Valentine's day!