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Drowning Prevention at LPB

Back in May, we talked about our Summer Safety program and the importance of being super diligent with our children around with water.

This month, we’re going a little more into detail about our Drowning Prevention philosophy and some of the new programming we have coming up.

In April, two of our staff members went to Tampa and attended the National Drowning Prevention Alliance conference. The NDPA works tirelessly to promote safer swimming practices in both public facilities and private residences. The presenters included pool and fence makers; government and public health officials; and individual family foundations that were started after experiencing a fatal or non-fatal drowning. As you can imagine, the conference was emotionally intense as well as informative.

Among the organizations represented at the conference were:

Families United to Prevent Drowning

Colin’s Hope

Pool Safely

Stop Drowning Now (formerly Safer 3 Foundation)

We invite you to explore each of these groups' content and learn more about how to keep your children safer around water. 

Our biggest takeaway from the conference was the need for greater outreach into the community. With that in mind, we are excited to announce some upcoming programming.

Starting this fall, we will have a team of staff members traveling to schools for presentations to preschool students about being safe around water. The curriculum we use for these presentations was developed by the Safer 3 Foundation, which you may be familiar with from our Summer Safety handouts. The program focuses on 3 areas of safety: Safer Kids, Safer Water, and Safer Response. Their kid-friendly curriculum includes activity and story books, and grown-up size mascot costumes for the 3 main characters (Sammy Starfish, Timmy Tadpole and Gilbert Guppy) of the Safer 3 curriculum. 

We will also begin offering low-cost CPR classes to parents. The Safer Response element of the Safer 3 curriculum includes ensuring all adults are trained to respond in an emergency, and LPB wants to help parents make that happen.

Stay tuned for more details about both programs.