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FAQ: Baby & Me

We’re often told that we’re never too old to learn, but at LPB, we believe you’re also never too young to learn. That’s why we offer classes to babies starting at 2 months old. And we think it’s so important that babies learn to swim, we offer free lessons until they’re 6 months old.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our infant swim program:

Are lessons really free?

Yes! The lessons are really free. Monthly tuition fees will not be assessed until babies turn 6 months old. The only cost is a $25 membership fee at registration (and annually each anniversary should you choose to continue lessons).

Why bother at such a young age? Do they really learn?

In fact, babies do learn at such a young age. With consistent cues and loving support, babies quickly learn to hold their breath before being safely and briefly submerged. Most babies also begin learning to LOVE water, which makes for fun bathtime and recreational swim experiences. Grown-ups also learn new ways to connect and bond with their babies. It’s a win-win!

What About Chlorine and Baby Skin?

It’s true that a lot of exposure to pool water is not good for a baby’s sensitive skin. Our pump systems are top-of-the-line and use UV light to kill bacteria so that we don’t have to use more chlorine than is necessary to keep our water sparkly clear and safe. While not required, showering before swim class can also help baby’s skin because it will first absorb the water from the shower, creating a barrier from the water in the pool.

How do I juggle all of our gear and my baby?

The idea of getting to a swim class can definitely seem overwhelming at first. Let’s be real, getting anywhere with an infant in those first few months is overwhelming. Our changing rooms have ample storage for swim bags, changing tables, and benches. Strollers are a safety hazard on our pool decks, so they need to be left in changing or viewing rooms, or on the outside patio in Half Moon Bay. You’ll need to bring a reusable swim diaper for baby, a suit for the grown-up who accompanies baby into the pool, and towels for both. Relax in the comfort of knowing that we have plenty of loaner swim diapers and towels for those occasional days when you accidentally show up without them.

What Time is a Good Time?

This depends on your schedule of course, but most babies do best in the pool after a nap and a feeding. Since infants’ sleep and eat schedules are constantly in-flux, it can be hard to pin down a good time at first. If your baby is fussy in the pool, it might be worth considering switching class times or trying a Splash & Dash lesson at a different time to see if that makes a difference. There is no cost to switch classes and you are not “locked in” to the first class you try.

Can both parents be in class at the same time?

We can only accommodate one adult per child in our classes, but there are some work-arounds other parents have done:
1. Parents can alternate weeks. (This is the least impactful option for baby, teacher, and fellow classmates.)
2. Parents can tag-team and do half a class each. 
3. Both parents can attend one of our family swim sessions. Read more about Family Swim here!



Infant workshops in August

Want a more in-depth lesson? This month, we’re offering extended training on our infant swim program to our teaching staff and we need participants. You can sign up through our booking department by calling 866-896-3603 or via Live Chat at