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Getting (and staying) in the Groove

When founders John Kolbisen and Irene Madrid designed LPB’s curriculum, they knew that one of the keys to their students’ success would be consistency with lessons. So rather than create sessions that only lasted a short amount of time, they pioneered the concept of weekly, year-round lessons that students could begin at anytime and continue indefinitely.

We’ve shared before about the importance of sticking with lessons year-round and how consistency is key when it comes to student progress. But we also understand that’s not everyone’s reality to be able to make it to lessons week in and week out without some kind of conflict, vacation, illness or other roadblock getting in the way.

What to do then?

We have lots of references for homework for all of our levels. Homework can bridge the time in between your child’s lesson - whether it’s just a week or even longer. Bathtime is a perfect time to practice balloon faces and backfloats, but not all homework requires water. A lot of homework is simple strength-building exercises that can help your little fishies be stronger in the pool. Check out all of our homework suggestions and videos!

On vacation? Get to the pool! Or the ocean! You don’t need to have a swim teacher with you to keep those swim skills fresh when you’re on vacation. Babies and Toddlers should have continued consistency with their submersion cues (1-2-3 Lift, Blow (if needed) and Submerge). Level 1 non-swimmers can use a tube or long noodle for support while practicing their kicks and balloon faces. Level 2s can work on Up-faces and backswims while Level 3s can impress the other hotel guests by swimming down for sinking toys. Level 4 and Gold Plus students can also practice their strokes, but since “Fun” is one of our four main teaching concepts (along with Pace, Pattern, and Compassion), they may be more inclined to work on those underwater wiggle butts and racing dives (if it’s safe to do so). 

Splash & Dash
LPB provides all students with two free seasonal Splash & Dash (drop-in) lessons four times a year - that’s eight free lessons you can use to make up for a missed class! Splash & Dash lessons can be a great time to try out a new teacher or zero in on some skills that may need some fine-tuning. Read more about Splash & Dashes here.

Family Swim
Family Swim is a complimentary “open swim” program offered to all enrolled La Petite Baleen students and their families. An LPB Advice Teacher may also be in the water to assist students with any questions, help out with skills, or just offer encouragement and support. We offer Family Swim at all four locations year round! Read more about Family Swim, including attendance rules and sign-up info, here.