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September is here and for most of the little whales in our communities, the new school year is well underway. Getting into a new routine can be challenging, and we sometimes see those challenges at their peak in swim lessons. School-aged kids are often tired and/or overwhelmed by all the new: new schedules, new classmates, new teachers, etc. We strive to keep our teachers informed about ways they can help create and maintain some stability for kids in this momentary time of upheaval.

Our teachers are aware that kids are sometimes over-tired and under-confident this time of year. We remind everyone on staff that kids are not the only ones adjusting to changes in routine - sometimes our parents and caregivers are the ones in need of extra support. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s literally with a loaner suit and towel or booking your student into a Splash & Dash lesson because you missed the regularly scheduled one yesterday.

We can also help if you’re still working on figuring out your fall schedules. Our Booking Department typically experiences heavy call volume this time of year, but the phone is not the only way to book a lesson. Our on-site Swimformation staff are always available to help research the schedule and make enrollment changes. If you’re at work or on the go, you can email us at, chat with us at, or use the Parent Portal through our website or app to find an opening and sign up for a class. Our staff are always more than happy to help you find the right class for your swimmers.

We know this time of year can be busy and we appreciate parents for remaining committed to weekly swimming lessons. Consistent lessons are proven to be better for safety, development, and overall health of children, but they can also improve kids’ sleep and focus! Our pools are always a warm and cozy activity for families, even as summer fades into fall.  

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