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Tell Us About Your Selfie - Irene

My Name: Irene Madrid

Joined the Pod in: 1979

You can usually find me: HMB and everywhere

Favorite/Most rewarding LPB Memory: Every baby and me class when an infant recognizes cues for submersions

Funniest thing I've heard a kid say: “Iwreen! We are Weady to Wock and Woll!”

When I'm not at the pool, I'm usually: At the CSM pool.

Most rewarding LPB experience: When children tell me I am going on vacation with them!

How old were you when you learned how to swim? 2 years old

Who was your mentor at LPB? Any and every book or conference on Child Development.

What is something you want staff/customers to know about you? Everyone knows I LOVE research regarding children, learning and the brain!

What is your favorite level to teach and why? Infants and criers. Babies are marvelous at getting cues so quickly and criers turn that corner and I feel I made a difference.

What is your favorite food? Whole Foods

What is your favorite childhood memory? Jumping into a country club pool as a toddler and loving it.