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The Scoop on Poop

It may have happened to you before…class cancelled due to an “accidental fecal release” or “AFR” in the pool. Those of us with a good sense of humor get a chuckle and picture the candy bar scene from Caddyshack. Those of us who rushed across town to get to our coveted weekly swim lessons may not find it so funny…and neither do we.

Not so fun:

At LPB we take AFR's very seriously. We know what a disappointment it can be when class is cancelled, as well as what painstaking efforts LPB takes to restore our pools to it's pristine clean status.


We have a strict swim diaper policy:

All children under age 3, or older if not fully potty trained are required to wear snug fitting reusable swim diapers.


Why so strict? Because while our pools have the most effective, state of the art Defender filtration and UV systems, as well as turnover rates double that which is required by the health department…we want our water to be the cleanest and safest it can be for our swimmers.

“If all the pools in the county were as clean as LPB's, I'd be out of a job.”
—San Mateo County Health Inspector

How can you help keep our water clean and safe? Glad you asked!


  • Avoid high fiber foods before swim class
  • Do not bring a constipated child to the pool. Warm water often relaxes the bowels whether potty trained or not
  • Do not bring a child with stomach issues, including diarrhea to swim class until bowel movements have returned to solid
  • Follow our swim diaper policy 
  • Potty First! Always use the toilet before swim class 

Again, your child's health and safety are our top priority. Help us keep our pools clean by taking steps to prevent AFRs.