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Who’s Who at the Pool?

One of our Core Values at La Petite Baleen is “It Takes a Pod” but just who makes up that pod besides your swim teacher and the people you see at the front desk each week? Let’s look at who’s who around the pool:

Swimformation: Our Swimfo staff are typically the first people you see when you come to your lesson. They make every effort to greet customers with a smile and are the ones you’ll want to talk to if you need to borrow a towel/suit, make an update to your billing details, book a free splash & dash, or pick up the stickers and ribbons your students earn. They can also assist with using our customer computers to access your online account.

As you head out to the pool deck to find your teacher in San Bruno, San Francisco and Atherton, you’ll likely encounter a few other members of the Pod. (Our Half Moon Bay location does not have the additional staffing requirements of our other schools.)

Swim Support: Our Swim Support’s primary role is to be a standby teacher in case one of our scheduled teachers is out sick or running late, but they also help out with classes when one or more students is having a hard time settling in. They are swimming Superheroes who are ready to hop into the pool at a moment’s notice! If they’re not in the water, our Swim Supports are roaming the deck, supporting our teachers by getting equipment, taking attendance, and keeping the deck area clear of trip and slip hazards.

Deck Support: Our Deck Supports are the keepers of the curriculum. They are expert teachers who understand our program inside and out. They provide feedback and support for teachers,  oversee general safety, and help track student progress. They also serve as the liaison between parents and teachers. We know that it’s not always possible to speak directly to your teacher, but your Deck Support (or DOD in Half Moon Bay) is a great person to start with if you have a question.

Crew: Our janitorial crew keep our schools looking their best and free from puddles and other messes that tend to follow children around. Sometimes you may see them working with a job coach or other additional support staff.

Lifeguards: While uniformed lifeguards are only on staff in San Francisco, many more members of our pod are certified lifeguards who are trained and ready to help in an emergency

The following staff groups are sometimes less conspicuous, but super important to our day-to-day operations.

Bookers: Our Booking staff are members of the Swimformation pod who take phone calls and field our online chat requests. They work on-site, though usually in a back office and can come to the front desk to help out when it’s extra busy or if there’s a scheduling or billing problem that needs additional support.

Director on Duty: Also known as a DOD, this particular pod are the managers of a given shift and are able to respond to myriad problems. They can help out with parent concerns, policy questions, really anything else that comes up. Sometimes a Deck Support or Swimformation staff member will refer you to a DOD if they are unable to answer your question. DODs in Half Moon Bay also fill the role of Deck and Swim Support for their teachers.

Site Director: Each school has at least one Site Director who support and oversee all other members of the Pod. They are essentially the school principal.

Training Team: Decks are the front line of our curriculum department, but behind the scenes we also have Training Coordinators who are responsible for welcoming our new staff and setting them up with 40 hours of clinics and student teaching. Our Extended Training Coordinators (and Training Development Assistants in SF) work with teachers to continue their education and understanding of LPB’s curriculum by providing in-pool support and running workshops on various topics.

Facilities Team: This pod works hard to keep our pools warm and sparkly clean. They're constantly migrating between our locations, ensuring that all of our systems are working properly. They also handle the various repairs and maintenance issues that come up.

Have questions about your student’s progress? We have multiple ways for you to get the information you need:

Parent-Teacher Communication Form: Want to send your teacher an email? Fill out the Parent-Teacher Communication Form on our website and your teacher will respond before your next lesson.

Progress Report: Want a physical report on your student's progress? Request a progress report either online through the Parent-Teacher Communication Form or through your Deck Support or DOD in Half Moon Bay.

Online Feedback: We want to hear from you! Please contact us online through our online Feedback form so we can address your concern or pass along a compliment to your teacher.

Whale Done! Do you love your teacher? Fill out a “Whale Done” at the Swimformation desk. These cute postcards are shared with the entire staff, including management as well as the teacher earning the praise. We love getting Whale Dones!