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Why We LPB

Place of employment is a choice. We recently asked our staff to share with us the reasons why they choose to work at La Petite Baleen. Here are some of their answers:

Because teaching and working with children is rewarding and fun. Nico M., 1.5 years at LPB

Coworkers are like a family, amazing benefits and pay, plus flexibility to work as sub while also having a full-time job. Jessica A., 10 years at LPB

Working with kids is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Gabby L., 1 year at LPB

The pay and opportunities we get to move up in the company. Jeannette L., 5 years at LPB

It’s a privilege to be able to teach children and parents. I love my pod and am thankful to be able to work with kind and caring people. Sofia S., 1 year, 4 months at LPB

I love working at LPB. Being able to see your students grow and knowing you taught them important skills in life is why I choose to work here. Eleen G., 2 years at LPB

Not only does LPB work around my school and daughter’s schedules, but I enjoy working with the staff and helping customers. Michelle M., 8 years at LPB

I love teaching swimming in a loving and compassionate environment. Courtney S., 3 years at LPB

I really love working with all the kids and I feel like I am gaining many important life skills working at LPB. Sofie G., 4 months at LP

Because children are amazing and the feeling I get after teaching is great and very rewarding. Watching the “aha!” moment is the best! Annie, 4 years at LPB

I love this work environment! We have a good balance of seriousness and fun around here. My coworkers are the best! Mat, 10 years at LPB

I was on the swim team and I loved what it did for me. I thought working as a teacher would give me the opportunity to demonstrate that. Sandy, 1.5 years at LPB

I choose to work at LPB because I like the environment and the friendly people I work with. Alma, 5 months at LPB


Where you choose to learn to swim is also a choice, and we want to know why you choose LPB.

You can let us know by sending an email to for a chance to win a free month of tuition. For a double entry, include a picture or video of your child at swim lessons or in their LPB t-shirt.

Video and written submissions may be used for future LPB Marketing and/or social media.