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Winter Skincare & Vacation Swim Tips

Spring may be just around the corner, but Mother Nature would like to remind us that it is still very much winter. The cold and wind can take a serious toll on the skin. Maybe you’ve noticed!

Here are some tips we like to share with our LPB parents in regards to skin care and swim lessons:

¤ After class, rinse with warm water only. No soap needed. Why? Because the chlorine is already a “soap” and you don't want to add more chemicals to your skin. Just a quick rinse is all you need to get the chlorine off!

¤ Slather on lots of lotion! Whatever brand you like and works best for your little one(s). A mild and unscented lotion is always preferred.

¤ Dress in (warm) loose-fitting, breathable clothing.


¤ Rinse off before getting in the pool. This allows your hair/skin to absorb regular water before getting in the chlorinated water.

¤ Another shower after you get home is not necessary, but you may want to do another round of lotion before bedtime.

Speaking of spring… anyone going away for Spring Break?! Maybe a fun vacation somewhere warm where you will be swimming a lot, or visiting relatives with a pool? If so, we’d like to share some ideas and safety tips with you.

Water-Safety on Vacation

Whether you are booking a rental or staying with the in-laws, the pool and/or hot tub must have the necessary safety barriers such as a fence, cover or net. Not having a barrier is a deal breaker and a serious water-safety violation. This is not a place we would recommend staying or visiting. It’s just too risky! Also:

¤ Assign a responsible water watcher whose only job is to supervise the children swimming, 100% distraction free!

Download your own printable Water Watcher tag here.

¤ Always use life jackets when boating and around moving water (ocean, lake, river…)

¤ Never forget that although there may be lifeguards or other adults supervising, no one will watch your child(ren) as closely as you!

Practicing Swim Skills on Vacation

Vacation is a great time to practice those swim skills and show everybody what your little whale can do! But it is equally important to just get in the water with your child(ren) and have FUN! A lot of times we see our students return from a vacation much stronger and more confident in their swimming abilities.

¤ It is possible that your child, for whatever reason, will not swim as well as they do at swim class. They may prefer to play, and that’s just fine.

¤ Don’t forget to pack the goggles and an innertube! If your child wears fins in class, you might also consider bringing those along. Keep in mind that if your child is used to the propulsion fins provide, they will need additional support (other equipment or hands-on help) to compensate.

¤ And should you want them, we have some Homework Suggestions for all levels that you can take along with you!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4