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Swim Classes for Infants

Since our very first baby class in 1979, La Petite Baleen has paved the way in infant swim lessons in the Bay Area, helping babies and their caregivers get comfortable in the water and learn basic safety skills. We offer infant swimming lessons for babies ages 2 months through 16 months, providing a key foundation in safety and basic water skills that will help your child enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives.

Why should babies take swim lessons?

Some parents worry about putting their children in a pool before they’re old enough to walk, but the benefits of getting your kids splashing around in the water as babies can pay off for a lifetime. Some of the many benefits of infant swim lessons include:


What do babies learn in swim classes?

You may wonder how babies can benefit from swim lessons when they aren’t even old enough to walk yet, but the skills they learn in these early days can go a long way toward forming a foundation for technical skills and strokes later on. At La Petite Baleen Swim Schools, our infant swim lessons all have a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, so you know you’re getting safe, hands-on attention and instruction. Some of the things your infant will learn in our classes include:


How much do infant swimming lessons cost? 

Our Baby and Me swim lessons are 30 minutes, once per week, with a caretaker participating along with the baby. For babies ages two months to five months, we offer these classes tuition-free, giving you a great way to test the waters before committing to a paid membership. For our free infant classes, a registration fee will be charged when signing up. Once your child turns six months old, you may enroll in a weekly baby class. Any other promotions or discounts may not be applied towards our free Infant lessons.  **We are temporarily not offering free tuition for babies ages two to five months.**

For more information regarding pricing for swim lessons at each of our four locations in the Bay Area, review our tuition information.


When should babies start swimming lessons?

Starting swimming lessons early on is a great way to get your child comfortable with water and improve their safety skills around pools, lakes, and even bathtubs. While some parents worry that exposure to water at a young age will make children too comfortable around water, leading them to behave unsafely, research has found the opposite to be true. A 2009 research study found that participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88 percent reduction in the risk of drowning in children ages one to four.

At La Petite Baleen Swim Schools in the Bay Area, we offer swim lessons for children as young as two months old. This introductory level of lessons focuses on improving your child’s comfort around water and learning basic water safety skills. We also help the caregiver participating in the class learn about water safety and how to keep your infant safe around water. Check out our class finder tool to learn more about which level is right for your child.


Why choose La Petite Baleen Swim Schools for infant swimming lessons?

At La Petite Baleen Swim Schools in the Bay Area, we have nearly four decades of experience providing top-quality swim lessons to kids and infants. With such extensive experience and top-quality training for our instructors, you know you can count on our team members to provide safe, reliable instruction for you and your child.

Our baby swim lessons are all offered as joint caregiver-baby classes, so you are in the water with your child at all times. We have bilingual swim instructors who can teach in Spanish or English for maximum access for parents, as well as four locations throughout the Bay Area so you can find the location that’s most convenient for you. Choose from San Bruno, Redwood City, Half Moon Bay, or San Francisco to cut down on commute times.

Contact La Petite Baleen today to get more information or to schedule your baby’s swim lesson by calling (866) 896-3603.


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