La Petite Baleen swim school Logo

Privately owned, custom built and designed swimming pools

From our world class Neptune Benson Defender water filters and Ultraviolet treatment to our staff of 3 full-time and 3 part-time certified pool operators, you can rest assured that our pool water is pure and clean every day for every lesson! We spare no expense in providing the safest and cleanest pool water possible.

Mature, experienced, and highly trained teachers

Our swim teachers go through an extensive training program including over 40 hours of team teaching, in water clinics and demonstrations, and ongoing training throughout the year. With Child Development at the core of our curriculum, you will see at your first visit that our staff stands out above the rest.

Background in child development and education as well as national, international, and Olympic swimming experience

Our unique curriculum is award winning and recognized by the United States Swim School Association as a leader in our industry. Developed by Irene Madrid and John Kolbisen, your swimmer will learn to swim using our teaching tools of Pace, Pattern, Compassion, and Fun!

Complimentary Family Swim

This free swim time is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of swim class in a casual, fun-filled environment. This is also an opportunity to “make-up” some swim time in the event your child misses his regularly scheduled class. Take advantage of this time to pick up tips from our in-water teacher that is there to offer support and answer questions!

Splash & Dash

Know you’re going to miss your class and would like to drop-in to another swim class? Consistency is key to building strength and skill. Our Splash & Dash program allows you to drop in at any time at any one of our 4 locations to participate in a swim class. After reviewing our class schedule online, you can call us at 866-896-3603 or Live Chat to sign up for a Splash & Dash.

Give us a call at 866-896-3603 or sign up online!