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We're sharing our favorite home-bound activities here!   Homework Generator Fortune Teller Download your homework here: Toddlers & Level 1 Advanced Toddlers & Level 2  Level 3 Level 4 & Gold Plus   Balloon Faces Read More

The Power of the Plateau

We’ve shared in the past that Plateauing is common when it comes to kids learning new skills, but did you know plateaus are a good thing? The time we (adults) sometimes perceive as a “stalled learning” is usually the time they (kids) are processing their learned skills. Plateauing helps with retention - it's a time when young brains cement skills and create strong synapses. Repetition is key! Kids will use repetition when wrapping their heads around new concepts and skills. For some students, plateaus are few and far between, but for others they're more frequent. In Read More

Change is Good

The bond between student and a beloved teacher is one of the most powerful relationships in existence. Our goal is to provide consistent teachers for our students because we understand that learning in an aquatic environment requires a great deal of trust which is often formed over time. However, as parents, we all know and understand that things can happen to upset the apple cart. Your schedule might change. Your college-aged teacher’s schedule might change. In some cases, your child’s class may no longer be suitable for them - for example, if they’re progressing Read More

Whalecome to 2020!

Hello and Whalecome to 2020! We hope all of our swim families enjoyed some time away from the pool during our winter break. We are happy to be back in the swim of things and hope you are too! Did you travel? If you did, and you have a picture of your little swimmers in their LPB gear, post it to Instagram and tag us: @lapetitebaleen. Not on social media? Email and we’ll be sure to feature it on our Wandering Whale board at your swim location.  As you return to our facilities this month, Read More

Season of Giving 2019

We’re nearing the end of our 40th year, and we continue to be proud to serve our communities both by providing the life-saving skill of swimming lessons and extending our reach with drives, fundraisers, and donations. We are incredibly thankful for our customers who make the commitment to reinforce their children’s safety and well-being by incorporating weekly swimming lessons into their routine. Our free lessons for infants under 6 months old continues to be a popular program - more than 6,100 babies have been introduced to the benefits of swimming. We also gave away more than 18,000 Splash & Read More

Perseverance: Plateaus and Fears

No two things stall progress more than fear and plateauing, and both are incredibly common. Fear is a healthy, normal response to something new, unknown, or a combination of both. Many of our young swimmers are afraid to get into the pool for their lessons, and that can be stressful for a parent.  Our staff is trained on the various ways small kids express fear and how to help them overcome it enough to settle into a class. We keep toys at the ready to help distract our nervous, fearful swimmers. And our teachers’ “mental toolboxes” Read More

Teacher Training and Beyond

You may have noticed signs around our schools advertising free lessons for certain level students. What are those about? La Petite Baleen’s teacher training program is incredibly robust. Our new hires spend about 40 hours team-teaching with senior staff members and in classroom clinics learning the ins and outs of our curriculum.  (While many other swim schools and pool facilities depend on the Red Cross’s Water Safety Instruction, La Petite Baleen utilizes its own proprietary curriculum, which is steeped in child development.) After their initial training, teachers are required to continue their education by attending extended Read More

Smart Kids Swim in Schools

September is here and for most of the little whales in our communities, the new school year is well underway. Getting into a new routine can be challenging, and we sometimes see those challenges at their peak in swim lessons. School-aged kids are often tired and/or overwhelmed by all the new: new schedules, new classmates, new teachers, etc. We strive to keep our teachers informed about ways they can help create and maintain some stability for kids in this momentary time of upheaval. Our teachers are aware that kids are sometimes over-tired and under-confident this time of year. We Read More

FAQ: Baby & Me

We’re often told that we’re never too old to learn, but at LPB, we believe you’re also never too young to learn. That’s why we offer classes to babies starting at 2 months old. And we think it’s so important that babies learn to swim, we offer free lessons until they’re 6 months old. Here are some frequently asked questions about our infant swim program: Are lessons really free? Yes! The lessons are really free. Monthly tuition fees will not be assessed until babies turn 6 months old. The only cost Read More

Dress for Swim Success

Anyone who shops at Target can tell you that there are easily 341 different options when it comes to choosing swimwear for kids. One- and two-piece options are out there for both boys and girls, so what’s the best thing to put on your little fishies when it comes to swimming lessons? Let’s go from the bottom up. Swim Diapers At LPB, all children under 3 years old (whether they’re potty trained or not) are required to wear a reusable swim diaper. There are myriad options when it comes to styles, but the one “must-have Read More

AAP Swimming Lesson Guidelines

Summer is upon us! This time of year, we always see a wave of new students, many of whom come from families who may not be aware of the benefits of year-round swimming. We get a lot of requests for “intensive” lessons or “drown-proofing” classes. Parents want some sort of crash course, guaranteeing their child will be “water safe” in X amount of lessons. This approach to swimming is antiquated and dangerous - we’ve been saying so for years. Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed that it’s to a child’s benefit that lessons Read More

Summer Safety 2019

For 40 years, La Petite Baleen has taken safety around water very seriously. We believe all children should learn how to swim and that all adults should remain vigilant whenever children and water have the opportunity to cross paths. Our Summer Safety Weeks kick off on Sunday May 5 with all four schools participating. Due to pool space limitations, classes on the 1/4-hour in San Francisco will have their Summer Safety programming beginning Sunday May 12. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. LPB offers free lessons to babies ages 2-6 months old! You’re never Read More

40 Years of Happy Splashing!

On April 15th, La Petite Baleen celebrates 40 years of teaching swimming lessons!  The original swim school opened in the backyard of Irene Madrid and John Kolbisen's Half Moon Bay home in 1979. With backgrounds in early child development, a belief that children should learn to swim early on, and the help of their local community, La Petite Baleen's child development-focused curriculum came to life. Their approach was unique and ahead of its time. Four decades later, LPB's award-winning curriculum continues to be recognized as a leader in the learn-to-swim industry.  Eventually Read More

Advanced Breathing Techniques

Last month we looked at the foundation of our learn-to-swim program, the Up-Face breathing cycle. This month, we’re covering the more advanced breathing techniques we teach to our Level 4 and Gold Plus students. One thing that sets LPB apart from pretty much every other swim school and learn-to-swim curriculum out there is that we don’t blow bubbles, at least, not at first. Once good breath control is mastered and students are successful, comfortable and confident with their Up-Faces, we begin working on more advanced breathing techniques. Specifically, we introduce side breathing for freestyle and a sneaky Read More

Up-Face 101

La Petite Baleen’s curriculum is as much about child development as it is about swim skills. We base everything we do in the pool on what is developmentally appropriate and possible for children. This is why we begin with our students learning a basic, dog-paddle swim. Developmentally, that is more achievable for young kids than a long-body/long-axis swim with coordinated windmilling arms (for freestyle or backstroke). The core of our learn-to-swim program is the Up-Face, which is introduced in Level 2. However, we begin laying the foundation in Level 1 where students (including kids in Toddler & Me classes) Read More

How Much Crying is Normal?

Parents often ask us “how much crying is normal in swim lessons?” The answer? There is no “normal” in swim lessons! While watching your child cry can be torture for any parent, we all know  a tearless childhood is impossible not to mention unnatural. Crying is actually a good, healthy and normal human response. Infant cries act as alarms for parents, alerting them to pain, hunger, or discomfort. In general, a feeding/burping, diaper change or a good nap can comfort an infant's cries. As children grow and develop crying also becomes a form of emotional communication. It' Read More

Season of Giving 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, we reflect back on what a great year it has been. 39 Years of Happy Splashing! In April, La Petite Baleen celebrated its 39th year in the learn-to-swim world. It is a milestone that we are honored to have reached, largely due to the work of our staff and support of our customers. We are incredibly grateful for our swim parents who make the commitment to reinforce their children’s safety and well-being by incorporating weekly swimming lessons into their routine. Learning to swim is the single-most important life skill a person can undertake, and Read More

Safety Behind the Scenes

We take safety seriously at LPB. We have safety skills built into each level of our curriculum. But what about the water itself? Our facilities team work around the clock to ensure our students are swimming in the cleanest pool water possible. In the State of California and in accordance with the state Health Code, all public pools are required to use chlorine to sanitize their pool water. There's no way around it! With that in mind, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the use of chlorine while maintaining healthy and clean water. All pool equipment Read More

Why We LPB

Place of employment is a choice. We recently asked our staff to share with us the reasons why they choose to work at La Petite Baleen. Here are some of their answers: Because teaching and working with children is rewarding and fun. Nico M., 1.5 years at LPB Coworkers are like a family, amazing benefits and pay, plus flexibility to work as sub while also having a full-time job. Jessica A., 10 years at LPB Working with kids is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. Gabby L., 1 year at LPB The pay and opportunities we get to move up Read More

Embrace Learning

La Petite Baleen has three core values that our staff strive to meet whether in the pool, at the front desk, or in a back office. Those core values are: Everyone Matters, It Takes a Pod, and Embrace Learning. This month, we’re going to look closely at Embrace Learning - because learning is not something reserved for our students in the pool. Our learn-to-swim curriculum was developed nearly 40 years ago, but it has evolved greatly since then. When new teachers are hired, they spend about 4 weeks training to learn this curriculum, attending clinics and student teaching with senior Read More

Everybody in the Pool

Fall at LPB is typically our busiest time of year. We are welcoming back our students who took breaks for the summer, adjusting the schedules of our staff who are students themselves, and gearing up for all of the exciting events that comes with the change of seasons (HMB’s Pumpkin Fest, SF’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and Halloween are some of our favorites). Be sure to check our Calendar for upcoming closures. It is not uncommon for students to acquire additional swim skills during the summer. If your child did a lot of swimming and you think Read More

Drowning Prevention at LPB

Back in May, we talked about our Summer Safety program and the importance of being super diligent with our children around with water. This month, we’re going a little more into detail about our Drowning Prevention philosophy and some of the new programming we have coming up. In April, two of our staff members went to Tampa and attended the National Drowning Prevention Alliance conference. The NDPA works tirelessly to promote safer swimming practices in both public facilities and private residences. The presenters included pool and fence makers; government and public health officials; and individual family foundations that Read More

Get Your Swim On

We take the concept of year-round swimming seriously at La Petite Baleen. Over the past 40 years, we have seen the success that comes from students swimming regularly vs. in short sessions for a season or two. You can read more about the importance of year-round swimming in a previous blog post. But with summer comes myriad opportunities to swim beyond weekly lessons and family swim. So where do we go? We polled our Facebook Group and here were some of the top choices: Rinconada (Palo Alto) Maddux Park (Redwood City) Stafford Park (Redwood City) Hamilton Community Pool (Novato) Marinwood (San Read More

Summer Safety 2018

Summer Safety Week began with half-hour classes in SF on Sunday, May 6 and on Sunday, May 13, quarter-hour classes in SF and all classes in Half Moon Bay, Redwood City, and San Bruno will participate in Summer Safety. If you're wondering why LPB participates, first, take a look at the graphic above. This graphic only covers drowning-related injuries. Drowning is also the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4. At LPB, Summer Safety Week is not just about the fun and games associated with bobbing, life jackets and throwing the life ring. It's about instilling in our Read More

Swim Early and Often

Since our very first baby class in 1979, LPB has paved the way for infant swim in the Bay Area and beyond. LPB co-founders, John Kolbisen and Irene Madrid, designed their unique swim curriculum with child development in mind. They were one of the first swim schools in the nation to do so! When asked about the importance of baby swim, Madrid shares: “Having grown up with baby swim myself and putting my own children in the water at a week old (yes, I did), I realized just how important those swim sessions were to our family life. I got Read More

Winter Skincare & Vacation Swim Tips

Spring may be just around the corner, but Mother Nature would like to remind us that it is still very much winter. The cold and wind can take a serious toll on the skin. Maybe you’ve noticed! Here are some tips we like to share with our LPB parents in regards to skin care and swim lessons: ¤ After class, rinse with warm water only. No soap needed. Why? Because the chlorine is already a “soap” and you don't want to add more chemicals to your skin. Just a quick rinse is all you need to get Read More

Why Do They Do That? Fins and Goggles

If you've ever wondered about why we use fins and goggles at LPB, here are some answers:   Earlier: Why Do They Do That? Humpty Dumpty Sit Jumps Read More

Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Our schools were closed for two weeks to give our staff some much-needed time off and to give our facilities a little cosmetic love. Our staff reconvened for our annual all-staff meeting the day before we opened back up for classes. This meeting is a time for staff to hear “State of the Whale” messages from LPB owners John Kolbisen and Irene Madrid and to learn about upcoming changes to our curriculum and other company policies. On the curriculum front, we have made a few changes to our upper Read More

Season of Giving 2017

We’re nearing the end of another year, our 38th in the learn-to-swim world! 2017 was not without its challenges, and we are proud of the way our staff, customers, and industry colleagues rallied around La Petite Baleen as we waded through extremely choppy waters. As always, we are thankful for our customers who make the commitment to reinforce their children’s safety and well-being by incorporating weekly swimming lessons into their routine. 2017 was our second year of free lessons for babies under 6 months, and 1,846 families participated in that program. We also gave away 1,056 Splash & Dash (drop-in) lessons Read More

Who’s Who at the Pool?

One of our Core Values at La Petite Baleen is “It Takes a Pod” but just who makes up that pod besides your swim teacher and the people you see at the front desk each week? Let’s look at who’s who around the pool: Swimformation: Our Swimfo staff are typically the first people you see when you come to your lesson. They make every effort to greet customers with a smile and are the ones you’ll want to talk to if you need to borrow a towel/suit, make an update to Read More

Getting (and staying) in the Groove

When founders John Kolbisen and Irene Madrid designed LPB’s curriculum, they knew that one of the keys to their students’ success would be consistency with lessons. So rather than create sessions that only lasted a short amount of time, they pioneered the concept of weekly, year-round lessons that students could begin at anytime and continue indefinitely. We’ve shared before about the importance of sticking with lessons year-round and how consistency is key when it comes to student progress. But we also understand that’s not everyone’s reality to be able to make Read More

Another perspective on Infant “Self-Rescue” classes

We posted recently about some methods of teaching that we do not support. Today, Ulrika Faerch (one of our friends in the Learn-to-Swim community) posted the following on her Facebook page Happy Babies Swim and we think it's worth sharing:   Our biggest takeaway from her post is the following segment:  - We don't put our children into the fire to learn them that it's dangerous. We guard them, stand beside them. We show them with our tone of voice and facial expressions that it's hot and how to be careful and still enjoy it. Read More

Back to (Swim) School

Fall at LPB is typically our busiest time of year. We are welcoming back our students who took breaks for the summer, adjusting the schedules of our staff who are students themselves, and gearing up for all of the exciting events that comes with the change of seasons (HMB’s Pumpkin Fest, SF’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and Halloween are some of our favorites). Be sure to check our Calendar for upcoming closures. It is not uncommon for students to acquire additional swim skills during the summer. If your child did a lot of swimming and you think Read More

Video Blog with Facilities Director Ugur Taner

This month, we're talking about why chlorine is a good thing for swimming pools. Our Facilities Director, Ugur Taner, recently did a Facebook Live tour of our Atherton pool and pump room Check it out! Read More

Summer Only vs. Year-Round Lessons

Summer is upon us! This time of year, we always see a wave of new students, many of which come from families who may not be aware of the benefits of year-round swimming. We get a lot of requests for “intensive” lessons or “drown-proofing” classes. Parents want some sort of crash course, guaranteeing their child will be “water safe” in X amount of lessons. This approach to swimming is antiquated and dangerous. For kids, learning to swim is not like learning to ride a bicycle. They won't easily retain the skill unless they’re consistently putting it to Read More

Teacher Change? It Could Be a Good Thing!

The student/teacher bond is one of the most powerful relationships in existence. At LPB, we strive to provide consistent teachers for our students. Like most other learning environments, the swimming pool requires a great deal of trust which is often formed over time. That said, even the most experienced swim teacher who has had a student for multiple years may invariably run into a plateau of sorts. It might not even be noticeable. It could be that one thing holding them back from their next ribbon….like diving or climbing out of the pool. Enter the new teacher. Whether Read More

Tell Us About Your Selfie - Sabrina!

Meet Sabrina! Joined the Pod in: 2000 You Can Usually Find Me: teaching swim  or water workout  in HMB Favorite/Most Rewarding LPB Memory: Any of my students who started with me and received their final Gold with me. Funniest thing I've heard a kid say: Years ago, during summer safety week, I was working with a student on how to throw a floating item to someone in trouble and she said, “But if you don't like them you don't have to do this.” Most rewarding LPB experience: So many to choose from! One that has Read More

Tell Us About Your Selfie - Dani!

My Name: Dani M. Joined the Pod in: September 2009 You can usually find me: in San Francisco, in the pool or being a DoD (Director on Duty) Favorite/Most rewarding LPB Memory: About six years ago, I unexpectedly had brain surgery. Everyone here at work was my biggest support system. From the moment I was in the hospital till I got home for my recovery, there wasn't a moment where a co-worker wasn't by my side.  Either sitting with me, helping me with my laundry, encouraging my students to write letters to me, and even bringing me Read More

Summer Safety

For the past 20 years or so, LPB has kicked off the summer season by teaching our students ways to keep themselves safe in and around water during the vacations and adventures that typically happen during the summer months. Often this is the time when families travel and find themselves with opportunities to swim in places besides our pools. This can include house or hotel pools and hot tubs, rivers, lakes, oceans, and so on. Each one of these swimming areas has its own set of risks that must be addressed to ensure the safety of the kids. Later this month, Read More

LPB Beginnings

On April 15, 1979 La Petite Baleen swim school opened in the backyard of Irene Madrid and John Kolbisen. Irene walked down the stairs to the first lessons with a cork board, a tupperware bacon keeper and a 70's TV tray table for clients to pay their tuition and read about LPB. That image is great, but their vision was even more remarkable. “At first my vision for LPB was to have more family time with my three young children and make use of my ideas from physical education classes and my father's developmental approach of childhood swim lessons,” Read More

Tell Us About Your Selfie - Irene

My Name: Irene Madrid Joined the Pod in: 1979 You can usually find me: HMB and everywhere Favorite/Most rewarding LPB Memory: Every baby and me class when an infant recognizes cues for submersions Funniest thing I've heard a kid say: “Iwreen! We are Weady to Wock and Woll!” When I'm not at the pool, I'm usually: At the CSM pool. Most rewarding LPB experience: When children tell me I am going on vacation with them! How old were you when you learned how to swim? 2 years old Who was your mentor at LPB? Any and every book Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Swimming

With nearly 40 years in the learn-to-swim world, LPB has seen it all when it comes to methods of education and contraptions for keeping kids safe in and around water. And every year, as summer approaches, Facebook and other social media outlets help us remember that not all of the options are great ones. Don’t: Rely on inflatable water wings. Here’s one of our favorite video clips about how inflatable water wings are just more trouble than they’re worth: In all seriousness, inflatable water wings are not at all dependable for keeping your child safe Read More

Why No Waitlist?

Hands down, the question we receive most frequently from parents is whether or not we have a waitlist and the fact that we don’t quickly turns into the number one complaint made about La Petite Baleen. We’d like to explain: On the technical side, our software can't properly support a waitlist with the way we book classes. Waitlists require a lot of manual work. There are no automatic notifications if class becomes available. Currently, at any given moment, we have a dozen or more staff working on class switches, or cancellations, which makes managing a Read More

Tell Us About Your Selfie - Rocio!

My Name: Rocio Joined the Pod: April 2015 You can usually find me: ATH Swim or Deck or SB doing the same! Favorite/Most rewarding LPB Memory: Getting baby cuddles and baby hugs from babies and toddlers. Funniest thing I've heard a kid say: I had bubbles for breakfast! When I'm not at the pool, I'm usually: At another pool coaching. Most rewarding LPB experience: Feeling like a part of the LPB family. How old were you when you learned how to swim? My mom put me in toddler and me classes and she kept me in till Read More

Compassion in Swimming Lessons

At La Petite Baleen, our teachers stay focused on our curriculum mantra: Pace, Pattern, Compassion and Fun. This month, in the spirit of love and Valentine’s day, we’re going to focus on Compassion with a post by LPB co-Founder, Irene Madrid: LPB curriculum continues to keep up with new information on children, learning and the brain. We know that when the brain feels safe it seeks novelty, innovation and creativity…...thus best learning practices. So, what makes children feel safe, thus creating COMPASSION and growth? For parents, being on time for class and being consistent in Read More

Guest Blogger: Becky B.!

One of our San Francisco teachers, Becky B., is about to embark on the ultimate Wandering Whale adventure - thru hiking the Appalachian Trail! Here she shares how much the hike and learning how to swim have in common. Her original post can be found on The Trek. And if you're interested in helping Becky fund her adventure, she is a finalist for the Badger Sponsorship. You can watch a short video and vote for Becky here until Tuesday, January 24.                   ********** My start date is 46 days out, and as it nears, Read More

2017 Curriculum Changes

Welcome back! We hope that our little fishies and their families all had a wonderful holiday season. We are looking forward to a great 2017! Our curriculum team works hard throughout the year to continually evaluate our program, gauge how effective our methods are, and make adjustments based both on our desire to remain at the forefront of the swim school industry and the feedback of our customers. This year, we are introducing some changes to the structure of our curriculum. These changes are not as comprehensive as our previous curriculum overhaul (when we went from 8 ribbons to 4), but they will Read More

Season of Giving

The holiday season is a special time of year. We know how easy it is to get so caught up in our routines that we forget to stop and take a moment to reflect upon and appreciate all that we have. At La Petite Baleen, we appreciate our customers for making a commitment to their child’s safety and well-being. Learning to swim is the single-most important life skill a person can undertake, and the responsibility of teaching your children is not something we take lightly. In fact, we believe it is so important for children to learn to Read More

Ear Issues

One of the most common questions we receive is about ear infections and tubes, and whether your child can swim. The answer depends on your child, the type of infection they have and, ultimately, the advice of your doctor. An ear infection is the swelling and infection in the inner ear. It can be painful but sometimes a parent does not know their child has one     until a doctor confirms it. Because your inner ear is protected by your ear drum, water cannot get in and make the infection worse unless they have a perforated ear drum. A Read More

Too Sick to Swim?  Maybe not.

Tis the season! Cough/cold/flu season, that is! The change of seasons often triggers coughs and colds and sometimes leaves parents wondering if their child is too sick to swim. Of course, parents know best and make the final determination about whether to attend class or not. A mild cough and/or runny nose are okay at the pool (the warm environment in the water and on the pool deck can actually help loosen those pesky coughs up). In fact, exercising in warm water keeps your immune system strong. Chlorine kills germs! Although we use small amounts of chlorine, Read More

Why do they do that!?

La Petite Baleen has been teaching young children to swim for 37 years. We're well known for our unique child-development approach to swimming. Owners, Irene Madrid and John Kolbisen have backgrounds in education as lifetime credentialed school teachers. Hence, our innovative aquatic classroom is geared toward creating an individualized learning experience for each child. Among other things, LPB is one of the first programs to use fins and goggles as learning tools. We revolutionized once-a-week, year-round, group swimming lessons, now considered mainstream in the learn-to-swim industry. It's not ironic that our flagship location in Half Moon Bay is just Read More

Bathtime Blues

A very common issue that comes up with parents of toddlers and preschoolers is that their child suddenly doesn't like water on their face.   This can make bath time extremely stressful for parents and children alike. If and when your child becomes adverse to rinsing and washing hair due to fear of water in the face, swim lessons can help. We recommend bringing some of our teaching techniques into your bathtub at home: Use a washcloth to gently dampen the head and face Use a small watering can to sprinkle water over the shoulders, neck, back of the Read More

CHLORINE: It’s a good thing! Plus, skincare tips

We get many questions from new parents about our pool chemistry, chlorine, salt and of course the effects of pool chemicals on our skin. Since we have so many young bathers in our pools, these are excellent questions! Here are some important facts to know about pool chemistry: Chlorine is required by law in all commercial swimming pools. “Saline” pools also use chlorine.  Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria and prevent illness. Our public drinking and bathing water supply is treated with chlorine. Wondering if the pool you are swimming in has too much or Read More

The Scoop on Poop

It may have happened to you before…class cancelled due to an “accidental fecal release” or “AFR” in the pool. Those of us with a good sense of humor get a chuckle and picture the candy bar scene from Caddyshack. Those of us who rushed across town to get to our coveted weekly swim lessons may not find it so funny…and neither do we. Not so fun: At LPB we take AFR's very seriously. We know what a disappointment it can be when class is cancelled, as well as what painstaking efforts LPB takes to restore our pools Read More