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Too Sick to Swim?  Maybe not.

Tis the season! Cough/cold/flu season, that is!

The change of seasons often triggers coughs and colds and sometimes leaves parents wondering if their child is too sick to swim. Of course, parents know best and make the final determination about whether to attend class or not. A mild cough and/or runny nose are okay at the pool (the warm environment in the water and on the pool deck can actually help loosen those pesky coughs up). In fact, exercising in warm water keeps your immune system strong. Chlorine kills germs! Although we use small amounts of chlorine, our pool filters, UV light and salt water team up to have an extremely clean environment for our children. Sorry viruses, this environment is just not for you!

Of course, if your child is running a fever and/or has diarrhea, they should not come to the pool. You can make up a missed class by using one of the free seasonal Splash & Dash lessons each swimmer is given. Learn more about our Splash & Dash program here.

This time of year is also tough on our skin, so after swimming, we recommend a warm shower. This helps open up the pores, allowing any residual chlorine to be washed away. We do not recommend the use of soap, nor do we recommend any scrubbing or exfoliating after swimming. Remember, chlorine is a disinfectant…so is soap! You are basically adding more chemicals to chemicals. Using plain, warm water is best. Shampooing the hair is fine as hair will not break out in any rash or irritation.

Now that it is fall and the weather is cooling off, remember to put lotion on your kids after swimming wearing loose fitted, breathable clothes to keep your skin happy and healthy.